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Estimated average savings of 80% on your hot water bills by switching from electric hot water to a solar hot water system? That’s an approximate saving of $200 per quarter!

Why choose an Apricus Solar Hot Water System?

Installing a Solar Hot Water System has multiple benefits for you and your family, and as Brisbane's Master Distributor for Apricus, here’s what we believe to be the top reasons to go Solar:

  1. You are protected against the ever-rising costs of energy... see up to a 90% saving on water heating bills.
  2. Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems provide 24/7 dependable access to hot water with state of the art technology - Electric and Gas boosted options available.
  3. Government rebates will be received to offset your investment cost.
  4. Apricus is an Australian owned and operated company. All systems are designed to meet even the toughest Australian conditions and built to last.
  5. Up to 15 Year Warranty* 15 year collector warranty and 10 year warranty on solar hot water tanks. *See Warranty for details.
  6. Light-Weight, Durable Design. A 30 tube collector weighs approximately 110kg spread over a 2.2m x 2.0m roof space so there is no inconvenience using cranes to install. Reinforcing the roof structure is not necessary compared to other solar hot water systems than can weight up to 500kg on a roof.
  7. Your property may be more valuable with an Apricus system installed.
  8. You will be decreasing the carbon footprint produced by your household.
  9. Great even in the cooler months. Built-in Frost Protection. All Apricus solar hot water systems have built-in frost protection (-15 0 C) without glycol so there is less maintenance.
  10. Superior Hail Resistance. Tubes have been independently tested and shown to withstand impact from a 25mm ice ball at 90km/hr.

How does it work?

The sun’s solar energy is what produces the heat used in Solar Hot Water Systems, and these systems have the capacity to generate heated water for your whole household.

Greenhouse gases are not emitted when a Solar Hot Water System is in use, as these systems use the sun’s energy to freely generate up to 90% of your hot water needs. Statistically speaking, throughout Australian households, most greenhouse gas emissions come from water heating. When comparing Electric to Solar Hot Water Systems, it is interesting to note that 80% of hot water greenhouse gas emissions come from Electric Hot Water Systems when only 50% of Australian homes actually use this type of system!

What sort of cost is associated with Solar Hot Water Systems?

The amount of water used by your household, your house size and the pitch of your roof all contribute when we make recommendations on what size system suits you and your house. The size of the system then impacts on the price you are looking at.

As Brisbane’s Master Distributor for Apricus, we are fully licensed Plumbing, Gas Fitting and Hot Water System specialists, and we offer our services at a very affordable price. When we inspect your property, we will make very educated and honest recommendations on which sized system will suit you best, and we are always upfront about Solar Hot Water Systems being slightly more expensive in the short-term.

This slightly larger upfront cost is 100% justified to people we deal with because in the long- run, the savings speak for themselves. In the long-term, you are looking at heating bill savings, Government rebates and lower energy use, and all of these factors offset the upfront cost you are faced with.

Not only are you presented with these long-term saving benefits, but the fantastic warranty provides additional peace of mind too. Having an Apricus system installed can add to the value of your home when in comparison to conventional Hot Water Systems.

What happens if it is not sunny?

We are commonly asked what it means for a Solar Hot Water System when there is no sunshine around. In the event of a very cloudy day with minimal solar energy production, this is when the booster which is built into every Apricus Solar Hot Water System will come into effect. This will ensure you have always got hot water on hand – even in storm season!


Tank - The tank carries a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Manifold and Evacuated Tubes - 15 Year Warranty.

Pump (Grundfos) - 2 year Warranty - you won’t find a better pump!

Controller (DeltaSol) - 2 year Warranty - precision is key to a high performance Solar Hot Water System.

Sensors - 2 year Warranty - Accurate reading is necessary to keep your system running at its optimum.

Workmanship = Written 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee - try finding that anywhere else!


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Written Testimonials

"I have used Brisbane Plumbing and Gas several times now and have been more than happy with the work and the price and they do turn up on time. The last time I used them, they fixed my solar hot water system, 100% professional workmanship. I would recommend to others with no hesitation."

Ian Davies

"Fantastic service. Billy arrived right on time, diagnosed the problem within minutes and carried the parts on the va. Overall could not have been happier."

Kathryn McMillan Prince


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Did You Know

Financial incentives of around $1400 are still available when switching from an electric to an evacuated tube solar hot water system.

We can assist you with various repayment plan options when you decide to buy your new hot water system.

Solar hot water systems can slash your annual hot water bills by around 80% compared to electric and some gas hot water systems.


Quick calculation estimate on savings

Average household = 4 showers per days
Average running cost on electric hot water system (Tariff 11) = $250 per quarter

Average saving with the Apricus solar
hot water system = 80%

Approximate average
savings = $200 per month!

Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water systems carry an amazing standard 10 year tank warranty + 15 year collector warranty!!

See (

Visit -

15 year Stainless Steel tank warranty option also available.


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Leaking solar hot water system panels
Leaking solar hot water tank
No hot water
Noisy solar hot water system
Solar hot water booster faulty
Faulty solar hot water system
Solar hot water system replacement
Solar hot water system panel replacement
Solar hot water system valve leaking
Sacrificial anodes
Pressure limiting valves
Duo valves
Solar hot water element faulty
Solar hot water thermostat faulty
Solar hot water evacuated tubes
Solar hot water pumps
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