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Drainage Solutions

At Brisbane Plumbing and Gas, we routinely work on blocked drains and unblock them quickly and effectively for residential and commercial customers in and around the Brisbane area. We know how important it is to get drains running freely again, so we classify these jobs as a priority and offer cost-effective solutions for Drain Cleaning Services & Drain Repairs.

From blocked Toilets, Sinks and Showers to blocked Main Sewers, Stormwater lines & Pits, we can repair and if necessary upgrade pipes quickly, whilst always guaranteeing our workmanship.


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Drainage Facts

Many homes in and around Brisbane still have Earthenware / Clay drainage pipes underground, and in many cases, they are the original drains laid when the property was first built. These drains often still operate with no problems, but it’s a good idea to carry out a CCTV drain inspection to check on the condition of the piping. This will either give you peace of mind knowing there is nothing to worry about, or the inspection may well highlight a potential problem. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Especially when it comes to blocked drains! Drain related issues, if caught in time, can be relatively inexpensive to fix. However, if you leave it until it is too late, more often than not it becomes drastically more expensive to repair. Not to mention the inconvenience caused!

Tree roots are the number one cause of underground drain blockages. When planting, it’s a good idea to keep large plants and trees as far away from the sewer and stormwater lines as possible. Some plants and trees have more invasive root systems than others, so consider this when making selections and refer to the chart below, as this may help you avoid future blocked drains. You can usually obtain drainage plans from your local council, or alternatively, try contacting ‘Dial before you Dig’. 

It sounds like common sense, but avoid putting anything down the drains that could cause blockages. For example baby wipes, nappies, newspaper, sanitary towels, fats, oils grease, chemicals & paints etc.

Typical Faults

Tree roots in drains

When you are experiencing blocked drains, one way to clear the tree roots is to use an ‘electric eel’ machine. With less chance of damaging a possibly fragile drain, the eel machine does not use high-pressure water jets that potentially could cause more damage than good. Eel machines use metal coils with sharp metal cutting heads that rotate at high speeds to cut through tree roots etc. Once the roots have been cut into small pieces, we then thoroughly flush the drain and test all fixtures to ensure the drain is running clearly again. From here, it’s a good idea is to carry out a CCTV Camera Inspection on the drains to know exactly what caused the problem in the first place and if it is likely to happen again.

Old drains and new toilets

If you have new toilets in your home and still have the original Earthenware/clay pipes underground, then it has proven over the years that using the Full Flush button on your toilet cistern a little more often than usual can help shift along any debris/solids that may be building up in the pipes below. Old pipes over time can shift with ground movement and may affect the grade/fall of the drain, which in turn may restrict the flow.

Remember, most toilets in use these days use a fraction of the water that the old water guzzlers did. Also be aware that if you have an old toilet bowl and are looking to install a new cistern, the cistern must be converted to suit the type of bowl that you have to ensure a good flush.

Noisy drains – IMPORTANT

If your drains start to make unusual noises (i.e. gurgling), or if the drain becomes slow to flow away, this could very well be an indication that there is trouble ahead (i.e. a partial blockage is forming). The sooner the issue is addressed, the less expensive it usually costs to fix – if in doubt CALL US OUT!

Our blocked drain cleaning services include

  • Unblocking drains
  • Tree root drain pipe intrusions
  • Repairing blocked drains
  • Unblocking overflow drains
  • Unblocking laundry drains
  • Unblocking floor wastes
  • Repairing damaged sewer lines
  • Unblocking sewer lines
  • Replacing sewer lines
  • Sewer and drain maintenance
  • Electric eel pipe clearing
  • CCTV drain inspections
  • Sewer & Stormwater pipe repairs
  • Unblocking Stormwater lines & pits
  • Blocked gutters and downpipes

Plants that cause damage to plumbing

Botanical Name

Common Name

Damage Rating

 Cinnamonum Camphora  Camphor Laurel  Extreme
 Ficus species  Fig Trees & Rubber Plants  Extreme
 Populus species  Poplars  Extreme
 Salix species  Willows  Extreme
 Erythrina Species  Coral Trees  Very High
 Eucalyptus species  Large Gum Trees  Very High
 Jacaranda mimosifolia  Jacaranda  Very High
 Liquidamber styraciflua  Liquidambar  Very High
 Araucaria species  Norfolk Island & Bunya Pines  Very High
 Brachyciton acerifolium  Illawarra Flame Tree  Very High
 Casuarina species  Casuarinas  Very High
 Melia azedarach  Australian White Cedar  Very High
 Pinus species  Pine Trees  Very High
 Platanus acerifolia  Plane Tree  Very High
 Schinus molle  Pepper Tree  Very High
 Ulmus species  Elms  Very High
 Bougainvillea species  Bougainvilleas  High
 Cortaderia sellona  Pampas Grass  High
 Grevillea robusta  Silky Oak  High
Ilex species  Hollies  High
Lagunaria patersonii  Norfolk Island Hibiscus  High
 Ligustrum species  Privets  High
 Magnolia species  Magnolias  High
 Nerium oleander  Oleander  High
 Phoeninx canariensis  Canary Island Date Palm  High
 Phyllostachus species  Bamboos  High
 Toxicodendron species  Rhus Trees  High
 Lophostemon confetus  Brush Box, Tristania  High
 Wisteria species  Wisteria  High

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