Innovative Plumbing Tip

Are you ready to receive a money-saving plumbing tip? No really… I am about to give you a fantastic, DO-IT-YOURSELF innovative plumbing tip! A little plumbing secret… Some might even call it ground-breaking… (and when I say some… I am certainly included in this group). You might think I am being either sarcastic or over…

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Real World Plumbing Talk

I am about to give you some Real World Plumbing Talk. Intrigued? Have you ever called a Trades Company and been worried you won’t know what the person on the other end of the phone is talking about? Are you ever concerned they might use Plumbing Lingo and Technical Terms to try to sell to you…

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How to Win in the Plumbing Game

Results and winning seem to be a big topic of interest at the moment, don’t they? With the Commonwealth Games well and truly underway, there is definite excitement in the air when it comes to athletes competing in The Games. Who will come out on top in the women’s Long Jump? Who will take home…

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