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When it comes to blocked drains, it’s hard to know exactly what is going on underground without having a set of eyes within the drain in question. Luckily, we have an amazing piece of equipment called a CCTV Drain Camera that can act as our eyes underground.

What is a CCTV Drain Camera ?

A CCTV Drain Camera is a cost effective high tech equipment which allows you to investigate a drain pipe to find the root of the problem. The CCTV Drain Camera has enabled us to save time and money as we dont have to dig an entire pipe to inspect or replace it.

As this device pinpoints the exact location of a blockage, we are then able to work on the blockage with great accuracy. Being able to see inside the drain means we will know exactly what has caused the blockage, if the drain is damaged structurally, if a simple unblocking is all that is needed to rectify the issue, or if a dig up is required.

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How does the CCTV Pipe Inspections Cameras Work?

Having a CCTV Drain Camera on board means we are able to investigate to establish exactly what is causing a drain to block up, and from there we can create a plan of attack to combat the issue.

The steps we take to investigate a drain includes:

  1. Feed our CCTV Camera into the drain
  2. Live feed to investigate exactly where the issue lies
  3. By seeing inside the pipe, we are able to inspect the condition of the pipe, we can see if the drain has collapsed at any point, we can see where the drain might be broken, and we can see if any tree roots have penetrated the pipe
  4. By having a vision within the pipe, establishing the cause of the blocked drain has no guessing involved.
  5. Provide you with a solution on how to fix the problem

What to do if you suspect a drain blockage?

If you suspect your drain is forming a blockage get in touch with us ASAP. It is important to remember that the CCTV Drain Camera is of no use whilst the drain is blocked. So don’t wait until the drain is blocked before you call us requesting a CCTV Inspection! If the drain is already blocked, it will need to be cleared before the CCTV Camera is inserted.

If you suspect a blockage might be forming, call us right away and we’ll take care of matters for you!  By getting in touch with us before the issue arises you will save time whilst not adding unnecessary costs to fixing the issue.




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