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Electric Hot Water System

For your convenience, we repair and replace all kinds of electric hot water systems across the Brisbane area. With our expansive knowledge, we get the job done right on the first attempt - guaranteed.

Electric hot water systems are generally cheaper to supply and install than other alternative kinds of hot water systems such as Gas Instantaneous, Gas Storage, Solar & Heat Pump systems. But the downside is - they are the most expensive type to operate.

Careful consideration should be made when electing to replace your existing electric hot water system, as switching to a more efficient unit could very well be the cheaper option over the mid to long-term.

Ask us for various options and pricing to help you choose which system is best suited to your requirements. We’ll happily discuss in detail and help you to make a decision quickly and easily.

Running Cost in $ Per Year

Did You Know

Looking after you electric hot water system is very IMPORTANT. You wouldn’t neglect to have your car serviced when due would you? The same should apply to your electric hot water system, as failure to service and maintain your electric hot water system can result in drastically reducing its lifespan AND increasing your running costs! Inspect your tank whenever you walk past it, and if something seems unusual, report it ASAP. E.g. leaks, rust marks, smells and noises etc.

Electric hot water systems have Relief / Expansion control valves and Sacrificial Anodes that should be checked and replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions - warranties may be void if these instructions are not followed.

If your electric storage hot water system is around 5 years old, it is due for an inspection/service.

Newly installed storage tank systems including electric hot water systems must be fitted with a Tempering valve. Tempering Valves control hot water supply temperatures and are relatively inexpensive to install. If your home already has a Tempering Valve fitted, then there should be no need to add a new one when replacing your old hot water system. Please note that the valve must work in accordance with manufacturers specifications and AS3500 (Plumbing Code).

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Leaking electric hot water systems
Electric hot water system repairs
Electric hot water system replacements
Electric hot water system upgrades
Electric hot water system relocations
Leaking hot water system valves
Sacrificial anodes hyperlink to our sacrificial anodes page
Cold water expansion control valves
Hot water expansion control and temperature relief valves
Pressure limiting valves
Duo valves
All major brands of electric hot water systems
Aquamax electric hot water systems
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"I have used Brisbane Plumbing and Gas several times now and have been more than happy with the work and the price and they do turn up on time. The last time I used them, they fixed my solar hot water system, 100% professional workmanship. I would recommend to others with no hesitation."

Ian Davies

"Fantastic service. Billy arrived right on time, diagnosed the problem within minutes and carried the parts on the va. Overall could not have been happier."

Kathryn McMillan Prince

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Free Report Reveals

10 Easy Steps on How

To Reduce Your Energy Bills Forever:

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