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Have a Plumbing Emergency? Seeking Emergency Plumbing Services? Call 0400 053 263 for a reliable and renowned 24/7 Emergency Plumber today!

What is Emergency Plumbing?

Emergency plumbing is typically an emergency service offered by leading plumbing companies. While the type of emergency may differ, all emergency plumbing services aim to achieve the same goal. To prevent and reduce damage to residential or commercial properties. Whether it be to floors, walls, cabinets, kitchens, or bathrooms - a plumbing emergency can quickly inflict damage to most household areas.

An emergency plumber isn’t always required and emergency plumbing services aren’t always needed. It’s typically beneficial to assess the situation and ask yourself;
‘Can the problem wait?’, ‘Can I fix it myself’, ‘How much damage will be caused?’

If you are unsure whether you are experiencing a plumbing emergency and require emergency plumbing services, stay tuned! If you have a plumbing emergency - Call 0400 053 263


What constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

Whilst we can assist you with anything you deem to be an emergency, it is important to understand what typically constitutes a plumbing emergency. Here are the most common:

Burst Pipes -

Water from burst pipes can quickly spread and inflict household damage at an alarming rate. Many things are a catalyst for burst pipes such as age, accidental impact, faulty workmanship or low-quality plumbing fixtures. If you have a ruptured pipe, make sure to turn the water off and call an emergency plumber if needed.

Water Leaks -

Water leaks can be concerning regardless of how big or small. Whether leaking from tap washes, hot water storage tanks or drains - turn off the main water tap to ensure damage is minimised. A trickle can quickly turn into a torrent so contact an emergency plumber if needed.

Gas Leaks -

Gas leaks are among the most vital emergency plumbing repairs given the severity of the situation. If you smell or suspect a gas leak, immediately turn off your household gas supply, open all the windows, and call an emergency plumber if needed. If you suspect you have a Gas leak, never use electrical equipment, lighters, or any exposed flame.

Blocked or overflowing Toilets -

A blocked or overflowing toilet can rapidly get very messy. If you have limited toilets available, not being able to access one may simply not be an option. If you can’t unclog it yourself, turn the water off and ensure the toilet is not flushed again. Contact an emergency plumber if needed.

No Hot Water -

Having no hot water can be severely underestimated and may actually constitute a plumbing emergency. You could be experiencing a water heater malfunction, electrical fault, or plumbing leak. It could simply be the fault of your utility company. If not urgent, contact a plumber when available or determine if emergency plumbing services are required straight away.
If you require emergency plumbing repairs, you’re not alone. Call 0400 053 263 and help us, help you!

Our Emergency Plumbing Specialist will get details from you to establish the scope of your emergency and what might be causing it. They will also talk you through anything you can do to manage the emergency prior to our arrival on site.

More often than not, we will request pictures of the issue occurring, as this will help our Emergency Plumbing Specialist visualise the issue taking place before attending your property, and it will allow them to begin establishing special parts and materials that may be required to rectify the problem. If nothing else, it will allow them to see what they are up against before stepping foot on your property!

As one of Brisbane's leading emergency plumbing services, we like to be as prepared as possible before attending to take care of your emergency for you.
How much does Emergency Plumbing Cost?

Emergency Plumbing costs can range significantly depending on both the emergency plumber and the actual emergency. Unfortunately, because problems can be so diverse and service locations can vary significantly - there is no universal emergency plumbing cost.

As a lead provider of Brisbane’s best emergency plumbing services, we always recommend being conscious of emergency plumbers and emergency plumbing companies rather than having pricing as the core determining factor. Often times budget plumbers that offer emergency plumbing repairs and services can be more costly in the long term, so it is beneficial to find a happy medium. This notion is what Brisbane Plumbing and Gas has been built on. We understand accidents or emergency plumbing repairs are inevitable and know everybody isn’t in the same financial position.

We offer an elusive ‘Fixed Pricing Approach’ to ensure you’ll never have any fear of not knowing service costs and pricing in tandem with our up-front and cost-effective options - catering to all financial situations. We also believe in quality work and providing absolute assurance which is why we offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee.



Burst Pipes, Overflowing toilets, or No Hot Water? At Brisbane Plumbing and Gas we understand that accidents and emergencies are inevitable, which is why we offer our reliable plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!

Not only do we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, but we also understand the importance of urgent emergency plumbing repairs which is why you are our number one priority. We attend and provide our emergency plumbing services extremely quickly and are sure to dive beyond expectations to relieve stress or concern.

As one of Brisbane’s leading emergency plumbing companies - You can rely on Brisbane Plumbing and Gas to provide world-class emergency plumbing services, backed with an elusive 10-year workmanship guarantee. Call 1300 668 770 or 0400 053 263 and Brisbane’s leading Emergency Plumber provider will be right there.


Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is your local emergency plumber, servicing Brisbane, Caboolture, Beenleigh, Ipswich and all suburbs in between.

For a reliable, after hours plumbing service that will fix any leaky taps, burst pipes, blocked drains or toilet repairs, Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is your trusted local emergency plumber to count on.

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