We specialise in Gas Fitting Solutions

Do you need a residential or commercial gas repair or installation done
in the Brisbane area but are not sure who to trust?

With years of experience in gas fitting, gas servicing, gas installations and gas conversions for both Natural Gas (Reticulated / Mains) and LP Gas (Liquefied Petroleum / Bottled), Brisbane Plumbing & Gas have the solutions for you. NEVER take risks when selecting a gas fitting company. We do every job to a high standard and only use quality materials - that is why we guarantee our workmanship for 10 years!


We service the greater Brisbane area and offer cost-effective solutions for all your gas fitting needs.


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Our Gas Fitting Services include

  • Gas safety inspections
  • Gas Compliance Certificates
  • Gas storage (tank) hot water systems
  • Gas Continuous Flow / Instantaneous (tankless) hot water systems
  • Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Gas stove repairs
  • Gas stove installations
  • Gas cooktop repairs
  • Gas cooktop installations
  • Gas BBQ repairs
  • Gas BBQ installations
  • Gas bayonets
  • Gas appliance repairs
  • Gas space heaters
  • Gas fires
  • Gas appliance installations
  • Gas bottle regulators
  • Gas appliance regulators
  • Gas conversions
  • Gas pipe replacements

Did You Know

People often think they can smell gas in their home and tend to put it down to their imagination and don’t bother to report it! It sounds crazy, but it’s true. If you think you can smell gas, report it IMMEDIATELY. Gas leaks are potentially explosive - DO NOT RISK IT. If you think you can smell gas at home or work, call us immediately.

Gas Compliance Certificates are compulsory for installations and some gas repair work. If you have recently had gas work carried out and have not received a compliance certificate, it is imperative to ask why. 

Gas cooking appliances and gas hot water systems are generally a lot cheaper to run as opposed to electric alternatives. Give us a call to discuss how you can save money by switching to gas.

Typical faults

Incorrect gas pipe sizing

We have found over the years that like anything else in life, there are good and not so good operators in the trade. Just because you have a gas appliance that works does not mean to say you can choose to replace it with anything you like the looks of when it’s time to upgrade.

Gas pipe sizing is important, and if you want to install a more powerful gas appliance than the previous unit (i.e. hot water system or add an additional gas appliance to your existing pipework system), then some calculations have to be made. These calculations determine whether your existing gas pipes are adequate to provide sufficient supply for any proposed additions or upgrades.

We have found this has caused some ‘gas installers’ out there to come unstuck!

Gas leaks

Both Natural Gas (Reticulated / Mains) and LP Gas (Liquefied Petroleum / Bottled gas) are extremely pungent, so even the smallest gas leak is often picked up straight away and is very easy to have fixed.

Gas pilot lights

Gas pilot lights are a safety feature on some gas appliances, and it is important that the pilot flame is strong in order to avoid problems. Gas appliance pilot and main burner flames should be a nice consistent blue colour. If you see a gas appliance flame that is mainly yellow an/or wavy, then there is a problem. Call us to have it checked out.

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10 Easy Steps on How

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