Gas Storage Hot Water Money Saving Tips

Would you like some Gas Storage Hot Water Money Saving Tips?

This article will revolve around Gas Control/Thermostat Valves and Gas Storage Hot Water money saving tips.

Do you have a Gas Storage Hot Water System?

Would you like to know how to cut down your system’s running cost? We have been working with all different types of Hot Water Systems for many years, and though some things are set in stone by manufacturers, there are other things that are not.

Read on for some Tradie Secrets!

On your Gas Storage Hot Water System, you may have noticed the Gas Control Valve (see the images below). On this Valve, typically, there are numbers ranging from 1-7. The higher the number setting, the more hot water is generated. Which is great IF you need it.

Gas Storage Hot Water Money Saving Tips Gas Storage Hot Water Money Saving Tips

However, the downside of having copious amounts of hot water is that your gas consumption can be excessive.

Our findings have taught us that for the average household when setting the Valve number, it’s best to have the Valve number correspond to the number of people living in the dwelling. Ask yourself – if 5 people live in a household, what number setting should be selected?

The number 5 setting! It’s as simple as that.

Furthermore, the lower the Valve number setting, the lower the gas consumption.


If you set the Gas Storage Hot Water System Control Valve to its lowest setting, the tank will still generate 60 degrees Celcius hot water. Especially relevant is having a low Valve setting will NOT impact the heat of your hot water.

For an average family of 4 people, we typically recommend you set the Valve to setting number 4. Keep in mind that you can always increase the setting number if required.

What about when the weather is really cold or really hot?

In the Winter, you may need +1 on the number settings. This is not a definite requirement, but it’s worth noting you may need to increase this setting.

On the other hand, in the Summer, you might be able to get away with -1 on your number settings.

Hopefully, these tips are easy enough to follow.

Should you wish to seek our assistance on how to adjust these Gas Control Valve settings, feel free to give us a call for free advice over the phone. We’d be more than happy to assist.

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