Heat Pump Perfection

Did you read the title “Heat Pump Perfection and wonder what we were going on about?

Perhaps a better question is… have you ever heard of a Heat Pump?

When it comes to Hot Water Systems, there are many options on the market. Most people I come across have no idea about Hot Water Systems, and when I first started with Brisbane Plumbing and Gas, I didn’t either! Over the past year and a bit, I have spent a large part of my working weeks learning about Hot Water Systems. Different brands, different models, which systems are most efficient, which systems are better suited for different households… and the list goes on! You’ve probably already guessed that this article will be focusing on the Heat Pump.

So, what sort of Hot Water Systems are out there? To keep it short and sweet…
Electric Storage
Gas Instantaneous
Gas Storage
Heat Pump


This week’s topic of the week is… you guessed it – Heat Pumps.

In a standard home with an Electric Hot Water System, approximately one-third of electricity bills are attributed to the Hot Water System. When it comes to Heat Pumps, they are 76% more efficient than an electric system! When looking at your electricity bill, this would equate to a 75% saving on the portion of electricity attributed to your hot water usage.

So what sort of Heat Pump do we work with at Brisbane Plumbing and Gas?

I’d like to introduce you to Stiebel Eltron!

The Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump is available in a 220L size and a 302L size. Both of these sizes have a “standard” version and a “high performance” version.

The 220L high-performance system has the same productivity as the 302L standard version, however, it is equipped with a smaller tank with the same capabilities as the bigger version due to its featured booster button.

The booster button is found on the high-performance systems, and it ‘boosts’ the system for 7-days. This means it produces more hot water than it normally would, and this booster button comes in very handy for a bigger household that doesn’t have space for a 302L tank. It is also ideal for a household that entertains frequently.

These systems are so great for a number of reasons:
– They are German-made (which in Hot-Water-System-Land = GOLD STANDARD)
– Diverse conditions are suited to the design
– They function extremely quietly
– The included anode is maintenance-free
– They can operate in both warm and cool climates
– Installation is fairly straightforward (providing you choose a high-quality Trades Company!)
– Installation can occur internally or externally
– They have a “standard” and a “high-performance” version available depending on personal installation circumstances
– They can work alongside PV Systems
– And I’ve already mentioned how much you save on electricity bills thanks to them!

Interested in finding out more?

If you’d like to know how Heat Pumps work, how much Heat Pumps can save compared to different types of systems, or you’d simply like to read up on Heat Pumps, click here.

Would you prefer to speak with someone on the phone about this?

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