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The Best Home Renovations in Brisbane!

Have you been dreaming of the perfect home renovations? Why Wait? Show off your home with a beautiful renovation today!


Brisbane home renovations have been on the rise with a growing ‘home improvement’ culture, encouraging homeowners to begin remodeling. From increased home valuations and greater personalisation to lower future maintenance costs, the benefits of home renovations are endless, so why wait? Well-designed home renovation projects are on our list of ‘Must-Do’s and are in high demand, but don’t be trapped by one of the biggest renovation mistakes… DIY Plumbing…

‘Do-It-Yourself’ home renovations have been glorified for their ability to create a deeper connection to your home, increasing value and functionality for a reasonable price. Major overhauls of household laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are transforming Brisbane homes, but poor quality utility relocation, installation, or replacement has cost thousands in emergency repairs and lasting home damage… Trust us when we say that plumbing is for professionals.

At Brisbane Plumbing and Gas, we specialise in home renovations across Brisbane, offering leading home renovation plumbing services. Why put off your long-lived dream of having the perfect home? With unmatched ‘Service’ and ‘Workmanship’ guarantees, you can be sure to house one of Brisbane’s best home renovations. Save yourself the hassle and expensive future costs with Brisbane Plumbing and Gas. Contact us today on 0400 053 263.

The Three Most Popular Home Renovations

Laundry Renovations

Don’t hide your laundry from the world! The ‘Reno Laundry’ is one of the best home renovations you will make, increasing the value of your home and increasing productivity along the way! From washing machine replacement to laundry sink relocation, professional plumbing services are an asset to all laundry renovation projects.

Bathroom Renovations

Everyone dreams of the perfect bathroom! The ‘Reno Bathroom’ is one of the most popular home renovations made across Brisbane, complementing one of the households most essential rooms. From bathroom sink replacement and bath upgrades to toilet relocation - professional plumbing services are a must across bathroom renovations.

Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to home renovations, Kitchens are King! The ‘Reno Kitchen’ is highly regarded as the ‘essential’ home renovation, increasing household value and providing key functionality! From appliance upgrades, Insinkerator installations and stovetop conversions, professional plumbing services are a surefire way to maximise the safety, reliability, and long-term value of your kitchen.

What Do Quality Home Renovations Cost?

One of the biggest questions we get at Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is “How much will it cost to renovate my home?” Rightfully so! Understanding what quality home renovations will cost can often be a defining factor in the planning and completion of bathroom renovation projects.

While you will hear a lot of answers to this question, there is no blanket answer. Home renovation costs can differ significantly depending on project scope, current plumbing configurations, and other varying circumstances. The two main factors affecting price are commonly:

Renovation Location

Price is largely influenced by which aspect of your home you wish to renovate. While laundry renovations may be on the cheaper side, they require fewer components and labour when compared to bathroom or kitchen renovations. It is always recommended to plan all aspects of your home renovation, including miscellaneous costs.

Plumbing Configuration

When dealing with home renovations, the current plumbing configuration can be a large factor in determining costs. While some home renovations may simply require the adjustment of pipes, most major work will often require a complete rework of drainage and pipe systems which can be costly if not done correctly by a plumbing professional.

Leading Home Renovation Services

Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is the industries best when it comes to plumbing and gas-based services, specialising in home renovations. We provide cost-effective renovation solutions and offer a range of unmatched service guarantees that prevent expensive future costs and ensure one of Brisbane’s best home renovations belongs to you!

Want to find out how much your home renovation plumbing will cost? Contact us today to find out about Brisbane’s leading home renovation plumbing services.

Concerned about the upfront cost of a home renovation? Don’t worry! Ask us about our no interest ever financing options! 0400 053 263.

Home Renovation Service Areas

The best Home Renovations Service isn't just for Brisbane!


Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is accustomed to travel, providing leading home renovation services across the wider regions of Brisbane. So whether looking for a small bathroom upgrade in the CBD or undertaking a complete kitchen renovation in the suburbs, we have you covered! Our Home Renovation Service Areas include:

Cannon Hill
South Brisbane

Albany Creek
Ferny Grove
North Lakes
Bribie Island
Bracken Ridge

Acacia Ridge

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