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Electric, Gas, Solar and Heat Pump hot water systems predominantly work under mains pressure in Australia. This means that when the water inside the tank heats (therefore expands) the tank could be at risk of exploding under the high pressures that can build up during the heating cycle unless safety features are implemented.

Mains pressure hot water systems must be fitted with Relief/Expansion control valves which safeguard your hot water system from over pressurising, these valves open up under pressure in order to allow water/pressure to escape and keep the tank working safely.

It is therefore crucial that these valves are in good working order and manufacturers will insist that these valves should be checked for adequate performance or replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years.

Did You Know

The easiest way to remember and check your valves (as most people forget) is to check them when your power bill arrives. Check every quarter and get into the habit of making sure you do this. Lift the lever on your Relief/Expansion control valves regularly to ensure that they are working well. Allow water to run freely from the opened valve for approx 3 seconds then allow the valve to close.

Relief/Expansion control valves should dribble small amounts of water each time the tank is heating however these valves are spring loaded and should shut off automatically when the tank has reached temperature. If water continually runs from the valve then there is a fault and you should contact us ASAP as a leaky hot water system valve could cost around $200 per month on your power bill not to mention the waste of water!

Saxon ‘Filler Valves’ may look similar to Relief/Expansion control valves to many but they are a completely different valve altogether so don’t be confused. Saxon Filler Valves are for topping up the water level inside Saxon hot water systems only and are not for any other purpose.

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