Innovative Plumbing Tip

Are you ready to receive a money-saving plumbing tip?

No really… I am about to give you a fantastic, DO-IT-YOURSELF innovative plumbing tip! A little plumbing secret… Some might even call it ground-breaking… (and when I say some… I am certainly included in this group). You might think I am being either sarcastic or over the top – but I genuinely think this little tip is something everyone should be aware of.

Picture this:

You have a blocked toilet and you can’t find a Plumber…

Well, first of all, you obviously haven’t tried calling Brisbane Plumbing and Gas – because we are available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week! But I digress. 😊

In all seriousness – have you ever had your child put too much toilet paper down the toilet? Or perhaps you’ve accidentally done this yourself?

It’s time for the innovative plumbing tip to be revealed!

You can actually unblock a blocked toilet bowl by using a good old household mop!

If you give the blocked bowl a bit of a plunge with your handy household mop, more often than not, you’ll have fixed the problem yourself.

Try this helpful little tip before calling on a paid service.

How’s that for a money-saving tip?!

“I’ve tried the mop trick and my toilet is still blocked”

Unfortunately, this little trick isn’t going to work 100% of the time. We find it to be more effective than you’d expect, however, it is not a certain-fix in every scenario.

If you have tried this trick and have had no luck, NOW is the time to pick up the phone and to seek professional advice.

If you give us a call at Brisbane Plumbing and Gas, we will ask you to send some pictures through. Pictures speak a thousand words, and they often allow us to diagnose the cause of issues prior to arriving on a job site. This will save you money if we know exactly what we need to do to fix the issue before evening stepping a foot in your house!

We’d love to hear from you

If you’re ever in doubt, there are a few steps you can take:

1- Send pictures of any issues being experienced through to Pictures accompanied by a description of the issue are always a great first step.

2- Call us on 1300 668 770 / 0400 053 263 and explain in more detail what seems to be going wrong. From there, we will ask a series of questions to get as much information as possible. The more information we have prior to attending, the quicker we can complete the job, as we will know what we are up against before arriving on site.

3- Book a suitable time for our visit. When you’re giving us additional information, we’ll be able to arrange a job visit to fix your issue in a timely manner.

We’re not called Brisbane’s Fastest and Most Reliable Tradesmen for nothing!

Contact us today.

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