New Specialist Plumbing Equipment

Our specialist plumbing equipment has arrived!

We have an exciting announcement to make! Our brand new specialist plumbing equipment has arrived! After a long trip from Sydney, our long-awaited Jet Rod and CCTV Camera has finally arrived. The equipment only arrived last Friday, and by Monday we already had our first job booked to take it for a test drive!

Have you found yourself sitting there wondering “what is a Jet Rod and CCTV Camera?

Don’t worry, you are not alone – before I started with the team here at BPG, I had no idea what those ‘things’ were either.

So, what are Jet Rods and CCTV Cameras?

Remember, I am not a technician, so I completely get that simplifying plumbing-isms makes life MUCH easier for everyone involved. So, simply, a Jet Rod is an incredibly cool, highly powerful, insanely effective device that can unblock & clean any and all types of pipes & drains! No exaggeration! On the other hand… a CCTV Camera is a funky little piece of equipment that can be put down pipes & drains to take a look at what is going on underground in pipes where the human eye can’t view for itself.

ARE YOU AS EXCITED ABOUT THESE PIECES OF EQUIPMENT AS I AM? Probably not, but humour me and continue to read on anyway.

What is so exciting about our Jet Rod and CCTV Camera?

When pipes & drains block up, it can cause havoc on your property. Blockages are inconvenient and can put things like a toilet out of order. It can also cause bad smells, and it can even cause flooding involving who knows what type of liquid!

If a pipe or drain blocks up, there is clearly something wrong going on. Perhaps too much toilet paper has gone down a toilet. Or perhaps something more serious has happened and tree roots have grown into one of your external underground pipes. This is where the Jet Rod comes to the rescue! This great piece of equipment has the capacity to cut through blockages big and small, and while clearing pipes & drains, it also gives them a thorough clean out.

If you find yourself sitting there thinking of a pipe or drain on your property that you often have someone over unblocking due to continual obstructions, THIS is where our CCTV Camera may become your best friend. These pieces of equipment work hand in hand together. If a blockage occurs, firstly, we can unblock it efficiently. Then, we can insert our CCTV Camera to see exactly what is going wrong and what is causing the blockage to occur.

We are able to establish the exact cause of a blockage through carrying out a CCTV Camera Inspection.  Establishing what needs to be done to fix the issue for good is easy from there.

Pipe/drain unblocking work every 3 months will no longer be an issue. No more worrying about when it is going to block up again. Brisbane Plumbing and Gas to the rescue with our Jet Rod and CCTV Camera taking care of business for you!

Who should contact us?

Have a blocked drain on your property? Or maybe you have a drain that recurrently blocks up time and time again? Maybe you just want some more information on this specialist plumbing equipment?!

Give us a call on 1300 668 770 / 0400 053 263 OR email us at and we’ll save the day.

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