Real World Plumbing Talk

I am about to give you some Real World Plumbing Talk.


Have you ever called a Trades Company and been worried you won’t know what the person on the other end of the phone is talking about? Are you ever concerned they might use Plumbing Lingo and Technical Terms to try to sell to you and convince you of works you need to get done?

Here at Brisbane Plumbing and Gas, when you call the Office, your first point of contact is a down to earth, real-world office worker that is NOT a Plumbing or Gas Technician. I repeat… NOT a Plumbing or Gas Technician.

What that means is, when you call us, you get to talk to someone who understands the confusion you might be experiencing if your Insinkerator just isn’t working and you don’t know why… you get to talk to someone who is going to use easy to understand and simple language when explaining how we can help you… and you get to talk to someone who isn’t going to try to sell you something you don’t need.

The beauty of working in a Plumbing Office without being a fully qualified tradesperson like our Technicians on the road is – not only are we constantly learning about the ins-and-outs of Plumbing, Gas Fitting and Hot Water Systems, but we are also able to educate customers who call us about these things just as our Technicians have educated us over time.

The Trainee becomes the Trainer when we receive enquiries.

One of our Company Policies here is that we NEVER sell a customer something they do not need. That is a promise. Another promise we can make is that when you call, we will listen to your questions, answer them to the best of our abilities, and give you honest recommendations.

Of course, if you call with a technical question, we can refer you to one of our fully qualified Technicians. But for general enquiries, the Brisbane Plumbing and Gas Office Team know their stuff!

We are always happy to help – there are no silly questions, no questions too small/big, and most importantly, no questions we won’t investigate for you.

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