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When it comes to family, it’s not worth the risk! Let the best in Brisbane help you with a Safety Inspection today!

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Quality Plumbing is relied upon throughout every residential and commercial building, however, it is often hard to understand what happens ‘Behind the Scenes’. Everyday wear and tear can take its toll on household plumbing and without maintenance or safety inspections, it can turn into a plumbing emergency in the blink of an eye. Damage caused by plumbing issues can amount to thousands of dollars and in some cases, may threaten the safety of your home.

At Brisbane Plumbing and Gas, you are our number one priority, which is why we offer the best Safety Inspection services in Brisbane. From hot water systems and water pipes to taps and toilets - we check it all!

We are specialists in safety inspection services across Brisbane, utilising a wealth of experience and exclusive industry insights to diagnose and resolve all plumbing problems around the home. We understand that safety and reliability are vital, so we leave nothing on the table. We are so confident in our services that we offer an unmatched ‘Service’ Guarantee, so you can be sure that things get done right, the first time! Save yourself the hassle and prevent unexpected future costs with Brisbane Plumbing and Gas! Contact us today on 0400 053 263.

Three reasons you need a safety inspection today!

Perhaps one of the biggest questions we get at Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is “Why do I need a Safety Inspection?” This is a great question! But our reply is always “Why wouldn’t you?” We believe that when it comes to family, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Understanding how valuable Safety Inspections are can often be the first step towards a safer home, so here are three reasons why you need a safety inspection today!

The expensive world of Pressurised Water

Plumbing systems contain large quantities of pressurised water which annual maintenance to ensure the protection of your system and family. Safety Inspections play a large part in identifying problem areas of the home, preventing leaks and burst pipes which can eventually lead to high water bills or costly repairs.

The dangerous reality of Gas Leaks

Gas leaks in the home can lead to potentially fatal outcomes if left unattended. While they are frequently quite easy to detect, safety inspections from a certified plumber can help identify the early signs of a leak which can be vital in ensuring household safety. If safety inspections are not utilised and gas leaks are left unattended, the likelihood of gas explosions and catastrophic property damage are significantly increased. If you suspect you have a gas leak, stop reading and call an emergency plumber now!

Water Heaters can Fly

The dangers of hot water systems have made the news several times with headlines claiming that “Water heaters can fly.” It’s true… Hot water heaters with severe damage or defects, under certain circumstances, can act as an explosive device in your home. While highly unlikely, safety inspections are vital in ensuring the safe operation of hot water heaters, ensuring your combustion products stay grounded. 

Make sure your Safety Inspection is done right!

Unless you own a brand new property, chances are that you might have some kind of plumbing or drainage problem that if left unattended, may affect the safety of your home and lead to costly expenses down the road.

Safety Inspections are one of the best ways to identify problem areas of your home and ensure that all plumbing and gas networks are in safe, operational condition. Getting a Safety Inspection in Brisbane can potentially save you thousands of dollars in expensive repair costs down the road, and is vital in keeping your home safe and efficient.

So, Haven’t booked a safety inspection in a while...? No need to worry! Contact us today and take the first step towards peace of mind! Worried it might be too late for a safety inspection? Contact us to talk about our blocked drain solutions, hot water heater repair, and more! Fear it might be a little more urgent? Don’t delay! Contact our Emergency Plumber today! 0400 053 263

Drain Inspection Service Areas

Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is accustomed to travel, providing leading Safety Inspection Services across the wider regions of Brisbane. So whether you suspect household plumbing problems in the CBD, or are looking to buy a new home in the suburbs - book your Safety Inspection now! Our Safety Inspection service areas include:

Cannon Hill
South Brisbane

Albany Creek
Ferny Grove
North Lakes
Bribie Island
Bracken Ridge

Acacia Ridge

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