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Tempering Valves

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It is only in recent times that some people have come to learn all about the importance of Tempering Valves. This is because it is now compulsory to have your home fitted with a Tempering valve or a temperature control device when replacing your old hot water system.

Most Gas continuous flow hot water systems are now available with the temperature set electronically therefore there is no need for a Tempering valve.

Storage tank systems have a minimum thermostat setting of 60 degrees Celsius which is to ensure that dangerous bacteria is killed off and we are not at risk when showering etc however it is now a legal requirement to have a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius at basins, baths and showers so in order to achieve this requirement a temperature control device (i.e. Tempering device) is required to be installed between the hot water outlet pipe from the hot water system and the taps at these fixtures.


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Did You Know

less than 5 years ago only Solar hot water systems and Heat Pump hot water systems had to have a Tempering valve. This is why older gas storage and electric hot water systems do not have a Tempering valve.

Tempering valves come in various shapes, sizes and colours - each has a different purpose and some are particular to certain manufacturers. Need to know more just give us a call or drop us an email.

Newly installed Tempering valves MUST be insulated so if you have recently had one installed and it does not have an insulating jacket around it contact the installer to ask why or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Typical Faults

Complete cessation of water flow

Tempering valves are fitted with non-return valve on the hot and cold water inlet ports and have been known to malfunction. A simple case of replacing this non-return/check valve often solves this problem.

Noisy Tempering Valve

Tempering valve manufacturers specify an allowance differential between hot and cold water inlet supply pressures to a Tempering valve, failure to satisfy this requirement can cause the valve to completely malfunction or cause a noise when running a hot water tap.

Hot water not hot enough

Internal workings may have failed which means the valve may have to be replaced however simply adjusting the setting can sometimes be all that is needed.


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