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Specialising in Toilet Repairs in Brisbane

We repair and replace many various types and makes of toilet suites, we carry spares for 99% of all toilet faults on our trucks meaning you’ll soon have that toilet up and working again ASAP.

We know that one of the most inconvenient things in life is a when the toilet does not work properly therefore we prioritise this type of repair work for all our customers.

If you need your toilets repaired or replaced and live in or around the Brisbane area give us a call now and we’ll have it fixed quickly and efficiently.

Did You Know

It has been estimated that a leaking / running toilet can waste 16,000 litres of water per year.

Swapping from an old single flush toilet to a dual flush type saves the average family of four people around 35,000 litres of water per year. Considered connecting the toilet to a rainwater tank? 

Close the toilet seat lid - harmful bacteria linger inside the toilet bowl and become airborne when the lid is lifted so be sure to use a good cleaning agent REGULARLY and keep the lid down whenever not in use. 

Typical Faults

Toilet pan/bowl draining away slowly

Check all other internal and external drains are clear (Shower drain, floor drain waste, overflow drain etc) as the problem could potentially be outside in the main drain. If all other drains are running clear then it could just be as simple as using a plunger to unblock that toilet. If you find other drains are blocked then you will be best to leave it to the experts and give us a call.

Cistern continually running water into bowl

Take the lid off the cistern and have a quick look inside to see if the water has reached a level higher than the overflow tube, if this is the case then an adjustment of the filler / inlet valve can reset the level sufficiently to stop the problem.

If the water level seems ok or lower than normal then the main outlet mechanism may be faulty in which case you’d be best to give us a call as this could be a little tricky for those who don’t have the particular knowledge necessary. Turn off the water tap located below / near the cistern to stop the wastage of water until we come out to fix it.

Water leaking onto the floor

Have a look at the isolating valve and see if the water is running from the cistern down onto the tap / valve and if so turn the tap / valve off and call us to repair asap as attempting this on your own may not be as easy as first expected.

If the tap seems fine then look at the main outlet pipe seal (if exposed) and if this is wet then just a new seal could be required however there could be a partial blockage of the drain, if this is the case do not attempt to repair this yourself - just give us a call and have the peace of mind that it’ll be fixed professionally and cost effectively - we guarantee it.

Noise coming from cistern or pipes when flushing

Probably just a simple case of replacing the inlet valve washer. Easy and inexpensive job to have us do, attempting this has led to some D.I.Y types to come unstuck!


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"I have used Brisbane Plumbing and Gas several times now and have been more than happy with the work and the price and they do turn up on time. The last time I used them, they fixed my solar hot water system, 100% professional workmanship. I would recommend to others with no hesitation."

Ian Davies

"Fantastic service. Billy arrived right on time, diagnosed the problem within minutes and carried the parts on the va. Overall could not have been happier."

Kathryn McMillan Prince

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