When to Call a Plumber

Have you ever found yourself wondering when to call a Plumber? Or perhaps a better question is – have you found yourself wondering which Trades company is best to call for an issue you’re faced with?

Sometimes it is very confusing to know who to call for what… so I am hoping this post will at least clear up some confusion around the Topic of the Week: Hot Water Systems.


My Hot Water System is not producing Hot Water!

When it comes to Hot Water Systems, there are many variables to keep in mind. The most important question to ask yourself is:

  • What sort of Hot Water System do I have?
    • Is it an Electric System?
    • Is it a Gas Instantaneous System? (Generally speaking, Instantaneous systems are installed on your wall).
    • Is it a Gas Storage system? (Generally speaking, Storage systems come in the form of a storage tank).
    • Is it a Heat Pump system?
    • Is it a Solar system?

If you have a Storage tank installed on your property, it will either be an Electric, Gas, Heat Pump or Solar Hot Water System. Something really important to know is what TYPE of Storage system you have.

Once you know what type of Storage system you have, there are a couple of things you can do to establish who to call.


Who to call when:

When you turn your taps on and realise no hot water is reaching them, the next step is to go to your Hot Water Storage tank and look at your Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve (PTR Valve). This will either be on the side of the tank towards the top, or on the top of the tank. Just think – either chest height or head height is where you should find it!

Once you’ve located this valve, it’s time to test it. BE CAREFUL! The area around the PTR Valve or the water that comes out of it when testing it may be very hot. So when you release the valve, be careful when feeling for warm/hot water.

Once you’ve opened the valve and established the temperature of the water that came out, release the spring loaded valve and it will spring back into place.

If the water that came out of the valve was cold, this means the Hot Water System is no longer producing Hot Water within the tank. This would indicate you are most likely not experiencing a plumbing issue.

When to call an Electrician:

If you have an Electric Hot Water System for example, and your PTR Valve is producing cold water, this would mean it is more than likely experiencing an electrical fault. From here, you can go to your Electric Switch Board and look for the switch labelled HW (Hot Water). If this switch has tripped off, there is an electrical issue with your system and you need to contact a fully qualified Electrician.

Our go-to and highly trusted Electrician is JD Electrical and Communications Pty Ltd. They are truly great at what they do!

When to call a Plumber:

If the water that came out of the valve was warm/hot, this means the Hot Water System is still producing Hot Water from within the tank. If that Hot Water is not reaching your taps, this means you are experiencing a PLUMBING ISSUE. This is where you contact Brisbane Plumbing and Gas!

When to call a Refrigeration Mechanic:

If you have a Heat Pump Hot Water System and the water that came out of the valve was cold, this means you’ve either got a Refrigeration or Electrical issue occurring. For Heat Pump issues that don’t appear to be plumbing related, the team at Climacool Air Conditioning & Refrigeration are who to contact! They really know their stuff.


Still not sure who to call?

If you’re ever unsure about who to call, or there is any uncertainty regarding the above-mentioned points, contact us at Brisbane Plumbing and Gas and we will be happy to talk through the situation with you. After a phone call with us, we’ll be able to tell you what sort of issue you’re dealing with and point you in the right direction of who to contact!



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