Winter is Coming

Well, we are at the end of April already… where did the first 4 months of the year go?! We’ve gone from the sweltering heat to temperamental storms, and you know what’s next? Yes, that’s right… Winter is coming.

Before we know it, we will be complaining about it being too cold, and our Hot Water Systems will be complaining about being worked overtime! My main question isn’t whether YOU are ready for Winter, it is whether your HOT WATER SYSTEM is ready for Winter. Well, is it?

As the temperature drops, we will be relying on hot tea and toasty showers to warm us up again, and that means your Hot Water System is going to be working hard. How many people live in your house? On average, how many showers does everyone take a day? Does the rate of showering increase as the temperature drops in the Winter? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS FOR YOU.

As the temperature cools down in Brisbane, you wouldn’t believe the number of calls we receive revolving around Hot Water Systems failing. No really, the number of calls we get is unbelievable!

If you’re sitting there wondering what you can do to prevent your Hot Water System from failing this Winter, ask yourself one very important question: when is the last time I serviced my Hot Water System?

If you find yourself wondering what it means to service your Hot Water System, if you can’t remember when the last time you serviced it was, or if you have never had your Hot Water System serviced, you need to contact us NOW!

Servicing your Hot Water System… what’s in it for YOU?

By servicing your Hot Water System before the cold weather sets in, you could:

  • Save yourself a great deal of money by preventing needing to get it replaced if it fails in Winter
  • Save yourself the stress of having no hot water in Winter
  • Keep your family toasty warm this Winter
  • Add to the life length of your Hot Water System, as having it serviced regularly increases the likelihood of it having a longer life
  • Have peace of mind that you are prepared for the cooler months

Interested to read more about why it is important to service your Hot Water System? Click here.

Have you noticed the temperature dropping lately? The cooler it gets, the more likely it is your Hot Water System will fail!

Don’t get caught out this Winter… contact us at Brisbane Plumbing and Gas today.

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